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For the Children April 17, 2010

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I think this will be one of my favorite posts as it’s about a cause that I’m passionate about – Rady Children’s Hospital here in San Diego.

It all started when I had to take my youngest daughter, who was 18 months at the time, to the ER of Rady’s Children Hospital, our first visit. She had a bad cold and her breathing had become short and rapid. The doctors and nurses weren’t able to improve her situation, and she had to admitted into the hospital. After three days of breathing treatments and antibiotics, she was released and diagnosed with reactive airway disease (aka “almost” asthma, but they don’t diagnose kids as having asthma at that age). I’ve discovered that this disease is common with a lot toddlers, and they can outgrow it…but at the time, we were so scared and worried. Seeing my little baby hooked up to tubes, being poked and prodded made me feel so helpless as a parent. Our experience with the outstanding attention and warm caring personality of the medical staff of the hospital helped us get through a worrisome situation. It’s a huge comfort to know that we have such a top notch resource for the children of San Diego.

After that experience, I wanted to find a way that I can help to enable the hospital to continue the excellent care it provides to San Diego children. That’s when I decided to join the Carmel Valley unit of Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary. Our annual signature event is called “Sounds of Hope” for Children, an event that San Diego Magazine has previously called one of the Top 10 Plus 10 parties of the year. It’s an evening of cocktails, dinner, and a private concert. Each year we designate the funds raised to a specific need for the hospital. This year we selected The Chadwick Center. The center renders such an important service to the most vulnerable in our society — abused and neglected children. With recent state budget cuts, unless we can make up the difference, they will have to shut down vital therapy and medical programs. Last year, we raised over $580,000 for the neonatal intensive care unit for much needed “giraffe” isolettes for premature babies. This year, we hope to raise just as much needed funds for The Chadwick Center. So, thus I’m spreading the word to my family and friends to help me and my unit members make a difference in the lives of these children.

For those that have not been to one of our events, Sounds of Hope is a benefit concert. Last year we had Maroon 5. This year we’re going to groove to the sounds of the disco divas, EVELYN “CHAMPAGNE” KING, ANITA WARD, GLORIA GAYNOR & CHAKA KHAN!

Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center (we are TRANSFORMING the activity center into a very chic “Disco Lounge”it’s transformed into an amazing venue, and this year it’s a disco theme – I promise you will not think you are at the Del Mar Fairgrounds once you walk inside!)

When: Friday – April 23, 2010 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM

How: Tickets can be charged at 858 461-0206

Don’t miss seeing all of these great icons of disco and R&B battling it out on stage and performing all together for an amazing finale. This year we are also having an after party with food and dj at no extra cost. I guarantee you will have a fabulous time!

For more info check out our website where you can see a description of the fabulous auction items including a stay at a Villa on the water in Zihautanejo and tickets for 12 in a luxury box to see Lady Gaga (any of you want to go in with me to bid on this!!!!)

Thank you for reading my post. I care about this organization and I want my friends there!

P.S. If you are not able to attend, I hope that you’ll consider making a donation to the cause.

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My space, your space April 9, 2010

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This week I traveled to the east coast and encountered one of my biggest pet peeves while flying…strangers encroaching into my space. So, I’ve always had this thing about “my space” on the airplane. I imagine that there is an invisible wall that goes straight up from the middle of each arm rest, and I promise to stay within “my space” and as my seat mates, you stay in “your space”. I’ll even give up the arm rests on both sides so they can rest their elbows. My thought is: I’ve paid for my seat and you’ve paid for yours. Just because I’m smaller (I’m 5″ tall), does not mean that you have liberty to lean/hang/spill over into my space. Am I just over possessive on this? I (and most people who fly) just want to keep to myself when on a plane (unless of course I’m sitting next to family or friends).

I have to draw the line when they lean over into my space and brush their arm against mine and want to leave it there. Or to lift up the arm rest to give themselves more “butt” space. I too wish we weren’t crammed in airplanes sitting so close to strangers. You want more space, pay for first class. Otherwise, please respect your seat mates space (and bathe before you get on a crowded plane sitting inches from each other).

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