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My space, your space April 9, 2010

Filed under: Travel — susanpolizzotto @ 8:35 pm

This week I traveled to the east coast and encountered one of my biggest pet peeves while flying…strangers encroaching into my space. So, I’ve always had this thing about “my space” on the airplane. I imagine that there is an invisible wall that goes straight up from the middle of each arm rest, and I promise to stay within “my space” and as my seat mates, you stay in “your space”. I’ll even give up the arm rests on both sides so they can rest their elbows. My thought is: I’ve paid for my seat and you’ve paid for yours. Just because I’m smaller (I’m 5″ tall), does not mean that you have liberty to lean/hang/spill over into my space. Am I just over possessive on this? I (and most people who fly) just want to keep to myself when on a plane (unless of course I’m sitting next to family or friends).

I have to draw the line when they lean over into my space and brush their arm against mine and want to leave it there. Or to lift up the arm rest to give themselves more “butt” space. I too wish we weren’t crammed in airplanes sitting so close to strangers. You want more space, pay for first class. Otherwise, please respect your seat mates space (and bathe before you get on a crowded plane sitting inches from each other).

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