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Finally, another resource for kids birthday parties May 31, 2010

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I am constantly looking for new venues to hold birthday parties as I’ve done the painting pottery and Pump It Up. My next idea was the bowling alley. But then I received an invitation the other day to an open house for a new kids fitness place – WayBeyond at the UTC mall across from 24 Hour Fitness. I decided to take a peek at it this weekend to see what it was about as I can’t make it to the open house. OMG, the place looks so cool! I dragged my girls to peek in the window to get their approval – they immediately asked me if they could have their next birthday party there. Ahhh, exactly what I wanted to hear.

via WayBeyond Facebook

Way Beyond is what I would describe as a cross between a JW Tumbles and a Pump It Up. According to the info on the WayBeyond website, they have “designed, engineered, and manufactured unique and original equipment focused on achieving specific health and fitness goals for children. Our equipment is so unique, that we had to give it a new name: Functional PlayArt. Each piece of Functional PlayArt has purpose, created for a clear and defined fitness goal. Under the close guidance of WayBeyond’s Sports Scientist, Functional PlayArt has been developed to provide structure and form for a variety of children’s therapies and needs.”

Beyond (initially this was an unintended pun, but it just clicked with me maybe this was the intention!) this place looking like a huge indoor Disneyland playground, it looks like they are focusing on motivating children to be healthy with their effective, fun exercise and nutrition programs.

You can checkout the pictures on their Facebook page to see the structures and what looks to be like a fun time for kids ages 3-11. I hear they are going to offer drop-offs while you even shop at the mall (big plus for holiday shopping time!).

You can also follow them on Twitter @WayBeyondSD. Good luck WayBeyond! I can’t wait to have my girls come play.


Small town USA parade in San Diego for the family

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San Diego may be the seventh largest city in the country, but when you’re at the Kensington Memorial Day Parade you feel like you’re in Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. This is my family’s third year attending this fabulous event. Our friends have a home right on the parade route (palm tree lined Marlborough Dr.) so they invite their friends over for brunch and a BBQ. The girls sit on the curb with the rest of the community and watch woodie cars, clowns on unicycles, mariachi dancers, politicians and students go down the street. Of course their favorite aspect of the parade is that all the people in the parade pass out candy (and one passes out Krispy Kreme donuts) to all the spectators. But I especially like it when the dentist walks the parade and hands out toothbrushes to the kids! If you ever want that small town USA feel, give this parade a try. Parking is easy a few blocks from the parade route and it’s done in about an hour. It’s becoming a wonderful tradition for our family. Anyone else know of good small town parades?


3D e-Invitations May 17, 2010

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If you’re one that likes the look of a real invitation (but don’t have time to print them or the budget to buy those really cute ones you really want) AND bored with using Evite, here’s a great alternative that I think is a cross between receiving a real invitation and e-invitation. Thanks to my friend Cristen I’ve fallen in love with Paperless Post as a way to send nice looking invitations that look three dimensional on your computer.

They have enough variety that should suit your need (though I think they could design some more children’s birthday party invitations) for various occasions. Some designs allow you to choose from different colors of paper. You can choose from a variety of fonts, and choose your size and color of your text. You can even choose the inside lining of your envelope (extra cost, but minimal), if you want to take it that far.

I used it about a month ago for a new member reception and yesterday I just used it for my 2nd daughter’s birthday party. It has some neat features like being able to print out a nice list of the attendees and even export all the RSVPs and their information into a spreadsheet! (I’m sort of geeky so I found that feature really cool!) Now, it’s not completely free, but close to it. You get 20 e-stamps when you open your account, and then you can buy as few as 20 more for just $4 (the more “stamps” you buy, the cheaper they are). When I have gone to a store and bought invitations to have them printed on, I’m typically paying about $1-$2 per invitation and that doesn’t include the cost of postage.

And when your guest receives the invitation in their email inbox, they actually receive an “envelope” with their name on the front that they click on and the invitation then pops up out of it. I love animation, so I’m impressed with how Paperless Post thought through the experience of the guest receiving the invitation as if it was in their own hands.

You can also earn more postage for future use when your friends open accounts. Even though the cost to use this service is pretty minimal, I’m always looking to minimize the cost of throwing a party. So if you are so inclined to open your own Paperless Post account, I’d appreciate it if you would use my personal link so that I can earn more postage. 🙂 Have fun!