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3D e-Invitations May 17, 2010

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If you’re one that likes the look of a real invitation (but don’t have time to print them or the budget to buy those really cute ones you really want) AND bored with using Evite, here’s a great alternative that I think is a cross between receiving a real invitation and e-invitation. Thanks to my friend Cristen I’ve fallen in love with Paperless Post as a way to send nice looking invitations that look three dimensional on your computer.

They have enough variety that should suit your need (though I think they could design some more children’s birthday party invitations) for various occasions. Some designs allow you to choose from different colors of paper. You can choose from a variety of fonts, and choose your size and color of your text. You can even choose the inside lining of your envelope (extra cost, but minimal), if you want to take it that far.

I used it about a month ago for a new member reception and yesterday I just used it for my 2nd daughter’s birthday party. It has some neat features like being able to print out a nice list of the attendees and even export all the RSVPs and their information into a spreadsheet! (I’m sort of geeky so I found that feature really cool!) Now, it’s not completely free, but close to it. You get 20 e-stamps when you open your account, and then you can buy as few as 20 more for just $4 (the more “stamps” you buy, the cheaper they are). When I have gone to a store and bought invitations to have them printed on, I’m typically paying about $1-$2 per invitation and that doesn’t include the cost of postage.

And when your guest receives the invitation in their email inbox, they actually receive an “envelope” with their name on the front that they click on and the invitation then pops up out of it. I love animation, so I’m impressed with how Paperless Post thought through the experience of the guest receiving the invitation as if it was in their own hands.

You can also earn more postage for future use when your friends open accounts. Even though the cost to use this service is pretty minimal, I’m always looking to minimize the cost of throwing a party. So if you are so inclined to open your own Paperless Post account, I’d appreciate it if you would use my personal link so that I can earn more postage. 🙂 Have fun!


3 Responses to “3D e-Invitations”

  1. Mama Mary Says:

    Thanks so much for the tip Susan! I am totally going to check them out and I will totally use your personal link so you get a hook up! You have a daughter turning two too, eh? 🙂 What a fun yet getting to be challenging age. Have fun at the party!

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