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Small town USA parade in San Diego for the family May 31, 2010

Filed under: Children,Kensington,Parades,San Diego — susanpolizzotto @ 4:34 pm

San Diego may be the seventh largest city in the country, but when you’re at the Kensington Memorial Day Parade you feel like you’re in Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. This is my family’s third year attending this fabulous event. Our friends have a home right on the parade route (palm tree lined Marlborough Dr.) so they invite their friends over for brunch and a BBQ. The girls sit on the curb with the rest of the community and watch woodie cars, clowns on unicycles, mariachi dancers, politicians and students go down the street. Of course their favorite aspect of the parade is that all the people in the parade pass out candy (and one passes out Krispy Kreme donuts) to all the spectators. But I especially like it when the dentist walks the parade and hands out toothbrushes to the kids! If you ever want that small town USA feel, give this parade a try. Parking is easy a few blocks from the parade route and it’s done in about an hour. It’s becoming a wonderful tradition for our family. Anyone else know of good small town parades?


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